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About Us

Rich Kid Nation, LLC is apparel company that represents the idea of being rich in yourself as priority while also wealthy beyond and including monetary value. The Rich Kid Nation concept was born within a rural section of Downtown Suffolk, Virginia. The founder of the company was only 14 years old when he implemented the vision to uplift the mindset of the youth; moreover, the mindset of society as a whole. Circumstances within his childhood, some of which were not a true representation of him and his family of 7, i.e. bouncing from apartment to apartment, led to life of poverty. Despite those current struggles of his family, Keon Wiggins-Saunders was able to understand the true riches of life beyond monetary gain.

Our mission is to exhibit richness beyond monetary gain.

Our vision is that we will show everyone around the world that there is more to life than money itself.

Our Values:

Courage- the ability to stand in the face of trials and tribulations with the might to push forward regardless of fear or doubt.

Growth- the process of increasing and elevating in all walks of life.

Optimism- hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.

Self-appreciation- consciously acknowledging the positive within you without the need to compare yourself to others.

Spirituality- knowing that faith will have the final say so, believing that above all else that the higher being will provide all that you desire if it be in alignment, and being one with God through it all.

Wealth- an abundance of value in all aspects of life beyond yet also including money.